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Port Phillip Prison – Fishburn Unit

Department of Justice & Regulation
$17 Million
December 2012

As part of the Port Phillip Prison Expansion, this project consisted of 2 new buildings and an extension to the existing stores facility.

Building 28, The Programs Building

This was a design and construct lightweight steel structure built on a concrete waffle slab. This building is around 600m2 and located in the middle of the prison making this a difficult build particularly from a prison logistics perspective. Building 28 is used for staff training, government functions, several offices and a large break out area leading onto a timber deck. Various services, particularly security in the form of remotely operated mounted cameras and duress buttons, were installed to maintain safety for the staff and prisoners alike.

Building 27, The Fishburn Building

The buidling was originally designed as an 85-bed maximum security prison unit. This construction is predominantly precast panel with a structural steel roof frame. The design was amended during the construction and increased to a 118-bed unit and various modifications were necessary to accommodate this late change.

Within the unit was 81 cells consisting of single, disabled, dual and bunk rooms. Each cell was stringently evaluated by Corrections Victoria, to ensure that all elements within the rooms adhered to the Fire Safety Cell Guidelines and was built to the exacting standards of the government and G4S (owner of the prison). All services, windows and door frames within the cells needed to be casted into the precast panels to ensure security and any prisoner self-harm was managed. This involved significant coordination between all services trades, precaster, concreter and the secure window/door manufacturer. This process also assisted in the mitigation of any delays as the rough in time was significantly reduced as a result of this initial front end work.

The Fishburn Building site was located in the back South Western Corner of the prison. In order to reduce the disruption to the prison and its operations, IBC arranged for the construction of a temporary sallyport separate to the main entry of the prison.

This entry required extensive security measures and training prior to being used as the main entry point for construction personnel. The total Gross Floor Area of the Fishburn Building is 2400m2.

Existing Stores Facility

As part of this contract IBC were also engaged to increase the capacity of the existing stores facility external to the prison walls. This was another precast and steel structure with some extensive concreting works to allow for forklift access. IBC also needed to overcome some major latent ground conditions requiring significant bulk earth removal prior to preparing for the ground slab.