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Business Management System

The Business Management System (BMS) has been designed to enhance our project delivery and has achieved independent accreditation in Occupational Health and Safety ISO 45001, Environmental ISO 14001 and Quality Standards ISO 9001. IBC is also accredited with the Office of the Federal Safety Commission (OFSC).

The BMS is designed to ensure Safety, Environment and Quality compliance in accordance with:

  • Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) and Environmental legislation and the Regulations.
  • The standards specified in relevant contracts and codes of practices.
  • Client Specifications.
  • AS/NZS ISO 45001 – Safety.
  • AS/NZS ISO 14001 – Environment.
  • AS/NZS ISO 9001 – Quality.


Our BMS provides consistent procedures and supporting documentation that are applied to each project. Measurable objectives and targets are set and implemented at every stage of a project. Through training IBC ensure that all staff and contractors understand our policy and their responsibility to maintain the highest level of quality, safety and environmental performance. This enables IBC to manage projects effectively and respond to client concerns and project issues in an effective and efficient manner.

Staff input and involvement is essential in identifying and mitigating workplace hazards and risks in order to achieve a safe work environment and a sustainable environment. All staff and contractors are inducted in the BMS and are familiar with the safe work methods and risk management techniques and implement them on IBC projects.

We continuously monitor the BMS to ensure its ongoing improvement and update our operations to achieve excellent time, safety, environmental, quality assurance and cost standards. This ensures our operating model remains relevant and provides the most effective and appropriate methods of procedure to support the building process.

Quality Policy

IBC recognises and is committed to its responsibility to deliver high quality building projects. With focus on improving efficiency and continuing to be an innovative contractor, we aim to provide clients with exceptional services as well as final building quality. Integrating quality management principles through all our decisions and activities allows us to better implement controls that support these outcomes.

With clear communication within the company and with clients, the strategy for achieving quality objectives is clear. IBC is committed to stakeholder satisfaction, in particular client satisfaction. Leadership commitment enables our organisation to create purpose and align our strategies, policies and processes to achieve this. Our commitment to maintaining continuous improvement in key areas is supported by senior management who review our projects regularly.

Our BMS provides a strong quality framework, encouraging consistency across our operations. Mechanisms and measures are in place to ensure that the quality of the delivered product is reviewed and monitored throughout the duration of the project which improves the quality of the built product on completion. It also ensures that our activity complies with all statutory, regulatory and compliance requirements.

Our quality policy is a core driver of our business focus of delivering high quality projects safely, on time and within budget while developing and maintaining strong working relationships with our clients. Adhering to quality principles allows IBC to better implement its requirements for safety and environment. These combine to drive our quality objectives.

This policy is communicated to all employees and subcontractors during the induction process. It is posted on site notice boards and is available to interested parties on request.

Occupation Health & Safety Policy

Our intent at IBC is to demonstrate an ongoing and determined commitment to improving health and safety through our organisation. This policy reflects our commitment to ensuring that health and safety at work is paramount to the business and that effective health and safety actively contributes to our success.

IBC will ensure that:

  • Our management practices will achieve compliance to legislation, regulations and best practice.
  • Adequate resources will be provided to ensure all employees, subcontractors and other stakeholders are aware of this policy and committed to its effective implementation;
  • Open communication and consultation between all employees, subcontractors and stakeholders. Health and safety will be integrated into our communications, where appropriate;
  • Roles and responsibilities for O&HS are defined;
  • IBC Senior Management will ensure that:
  • Adequate resources are provided OH&S,
  • OH&S is adequately assessed, controlled and monitored; and
  • Our people are actively involved on matters that affect health and safety.
  • All employees and subcontractors will have competence to undertake their work with minimum risks to health and safety, and will be expected to demonstrate a willingness to embrace the concept of safe work practices and a safe working environment;
  • We will report and investigate incidents and near misses to drive improvement in O&HS performance;
  • We will actively review and report on our OH&S performance against objectives and targets, and
  • We will assess our occupational health risks and will take action to prevent, reduce or control occupational health risks to an acceptable level and reduce the potential for ill health, including assessing all personnel for fitness for work.

Environmental Policy

IBC is committed to its responsibility to preserve the environment, the communities in which our activities operate, and the continual improvement of environmental performance. We aim to balance environmental, social and economic sustainability when considering all aspects of our operations.

The environmental aspects and the associated impacts of our activities are identified on every project and monitored until project completion. Although it does not always apply the life cycle perspective is considered when assessing all environmental aspects. The risk rating of an aspect determines if it is deemed a significant aspect. Reporting allows for the measurement and analysis of our impact to ensure that we are meeting our objectives.

IBC aims to:

  • Monitor and comply with all environmental laws, regulations and standards.
  • Employ procedures that ensure compliance with best practice.
  • Seek out innovative and environmentally responsible practices.
  • Set and review environmental objectives and targets.
  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent or otherwise mitigate and remediate adverse impacts on the environment.
  • Reduce waste generated from our activities,
  • Reduce and minimise pollution generated from our operations.
  • Maximise the reuse of materials and recycling potential.
  • Improve process efficiency and utilise recoverable resources.
  • Protect the natural environment where possible.
  • Conduct relevant environmental education and training to improve awareness, knowledge and skills.
  • Monitor and report on environmental impact with intention of enhancing environmental performance.
  • Continually improve our environmental management system and environmental performance.
  • Communicate with staff, clients and stakeholders on areas of our environmental performance.