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Wayi School (Mount Ridley Special School)

Victorian School Building Authority
$20 Million
January 2023

Wayi School in Craigieburn is a new school for students who have mild through to severe intellectual disabilities, combining both Special School and Special Development School requirements, and accommodates up to 144 students across Prep to Year 12.

The campus was developed on approximately 1.89ha of land adjoining Mount Ridley College and includes an Administration Building, a Junior Learning / Specialist Building, a Senior Learning / Specialist Building, and a Multipurpose / Competitive Grade Gymnasium. External facilities include a sports field, multipurpose courts, playgrounds and carparking with associated landscaping.

We are pleased to have collaborated with the VSBA, JLL and ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects on this project, and we are proud to continue contributing to the construction of Specialist Schools and providing students with intellectual disabilities state-of-the-art facilities to support their education.

Images courtesy of Victorian School Building Authority & Ernesto Arriagada