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Lyndarum Family and Community Centre

City of Whittlesea
Croxon Ramsay
$6 Million
August 2013

The Lyndarum Community and Family Centre is located adjacent to the Epping Town Centre and Epping Views Primary School.

The centre includes 2 Kindergarten rooms, Maternal and Children’s Health, community spaces and staff administration; all linked by a central spine within the building that provides access to different parts of the building. The building includes a highly detailed external learning environment with shade structures, plays equipment and custom-made furniture from nominated artists.

The design and materials of the Centre comprised several Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) initiatives including natural ventilation, low VOC materials for improved indoor air quality, high efficiency mechanical systems. The extensive use of internal thermal mass and high-performance building envelope means that the buildings’ internal temperature is maintained with minimal heating and cooling. The building management system monitors the internal temperatures and lighting control for best energy efficiency.

The building is clad in a matrix of several materials including custom folded standing seam, metal cladding with bluestone tile cladding, and coloured anodized aluminium sheet cladding.