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HM Barwon Prison

Department of Justice & Regulation
Guymer Bailey Architects
$5 Million
July 2006

HM Prison Barwon is a high-risk and maximum security prison for males, located approximately 70 kilometres west of  Melbourne.

The project involved a variety of construction and security works across the facility including:

  • The demolition and construction of a new gatehouse using a combination of concrete, steel, masonry and precast concrete structure, and internal fit out including a new reception area and logging facilities, search rooms, drug and explosive detection rooms, staff rooms and general amenities.
  • An extension to the high-security Acacia Unit using a combination of concrete, masonry and steelwork, to create a professional and non-contact visit area. The internal fit out included non-contact visit cubicles, a contact visits room, search room, office and amenities.
  • The construction of a prisoner reception post consisting of a heavy duty steel frame with explosive resistant glass, complete with the internal fit out of a guard control console and an amenities area.
  • Removal and repair of 50% of the internal security road and replacement of the taut wire security fence, inclusive of ground and concrete works.
  • The installation of a new biometric system for prison entry and exit control.
  • The upgrade of the security management and CCTV system, including the installation of thermal imaging cameras and replacement of photoelectric beams.

The construction works were carefully planned in cooperation with the prison management team and carried out in stages to ensure that the security of the prison was maintained, prisoners and visitors could be processed, and prisoners had access to professional and non-contact visits and could attend courts without disruption. All materials, equipment and tools taken into the prison were accounted for to ensure that nothing was left behind that could create a security risk, and access into the prison was restricted and all movement inside the prison required a guard escort.